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Now Playing: Johnny Winter's John Dawson Winter III (1974)

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Rush (1 Mar 1974)


Kansas (1974)

Savoy Brown

Boogie Brothers (1974)
Their 4th Album

Jo Jo Gunne - So Wheres The Show
Jo Jo Gunne Website

Where Is The Show
I'm Your Shoe
Single Man
She Said Allright
S&M Blvd
Falling Angel
Big Busted Bombshell From Bermuda
Into My Life
Around The World

1974 Release
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Second Helping

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping

Official Skynyrd Website

1975 Release
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Nuttin Fancy

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Nuttin Fancy

1974 Release Released in 2009


Official Sensational Alex Harvey Band Website

1974 Release Released in 2009


"Love trouble, Love trouble, he didn't have no prescription, I couldn't make a description, he said, 'Woody, you have a case called Love-its!'"

1974 Release

J Geils Website

Bad Company Website

1974 Release

Bad Company 2010 Concert
1975 Release

Bee Gees
Main Course
Next Priceless Album
1975 Release

Burbank's Finest

"All Meat"

1974 Release

Bronwsville Station

School Punks

I saw this band live in Lincoln, NE (post Navy in early 1974) with Joe Morris, Joe's brother Jerry, and assorted friends. They were the opening band for 2 others (one of which was Lynyrd Skynyrd). The lead singer (Cub Koda) opened the show by saying, "We're the best fucking opening band you'll ever see!" Cub was correct!!! Unfortunately, I'd over did it with the pre-partying and spend most of the concert out in the parking lot trying NOT TO SEE 'green skulls...'

Kings Of The Party

I've Got It Bad For You

Hey Little Girl

I've Got Love If You Want It

I'm The Leader Of The Gang

Golden Earring Official Website

1975 Release

Golden Earring


Intro - Plus Minus Absurdio

The Switch

Kill Me

Daddy Gonna Save My Soul

THe Lonesome DJ

Grand Funk Official Website

1974 Release

Grand Funk

"All The Girls In The World Beware"

Look At Granny Run Run

All The Girls In The World Beware

Good & Evil

Some Kind of Wonderful

Offical Jethro Tull Website

1974 Release

"Minstrel In The Gallery"

Minstrel In The Gallery

Official Joe Cocker Website

1974 Release

Joe Cocker

"I Can Stand A Little Rain"

Sing Me A Song

Don't Forget Me

It's A Sin When You Love Somebody


Kansas Official Website

1975 Release


Kansas Official Website

1974 Release



Icarus Born On Wings Of Steel

Two Cents Worth

It Takes A Woman's Love

Offical Kiss Website

1974 Release

"Hotter Than Hell"


Let Me Go Rock n' Roll

Hotter Than Hell

Got To Choose

Official Queen Website

1974 Release


"QUeen II"

1974 Release

J Geils Band - Nightmares

*Detroit Breakdown*
Givin' It All Up
Must Of Got Lost
Look Me In The Eye
*Stoop Down #39*
I'll Be Coming Home
Funky Judge
Gettin' Out
1974 Release

Roxy Music's Country Life

Roxy Music

Rusty Wier Web Page

Henry Gross Web Page

Country Joe McDonald Web Site

Blookrock Web Site

James Gang Web Site

Booker T Web Site

America Web Site


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