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Strider "Live"!!!

"Little Wing" - Live (.m4a)

"Turn To Stone" - Live (.m4a)

Rob Elliot - lead singer (taking over for Ian Kewley), Ian Kewley on keyboards, Tony Brock on drums, Gary Grainger on lead guitar!

Gary and Tony went on to play with Rod Stewart. Gary used to invite Tony to their rehearsals and everyone liked him - coincidence!

Little Wing's "B" side was called 'Arthur Hydrogen' - later turned into 'Turn To Stone'

Note: the mix came straight off the mixing desk, hence Rob's voice is loader than the band

Britian's Morning Standard announces Strider's first album - Exposed (1973)

Strider - Exposed
The band was very disappointed with the production, especially the very 'light' drum sound - they wanted it to have much more
of a live sound but, the record company picked the producer, so they were stuck didn't want to make waves at the time.
Also, the record was cut at a very low level!!! The band's demos that secured them the record deal that they had produced themselves sounded much better!

Unfortunately, the demos may be lost forever. The demo tracks were 'Get Ready' & 'Straddle' - both capturing the band's live sound much better & had loads of energy!!

Strider - Exposed (back)

STRIDER - Exposed
Released February 1973

Ian Kewley (Vocals, Keyboard)
Gary Grainger (Guitar)
Lee Hunter (Bass)
Jimmy Hawkins (Drums)

Side 1 - Flying
Ain't Got No Love
Woman Blue
Higher and Higher

Side 2 - Ester's Place
Get Ready

Thanks Gary! Thanks for the music!!!

(White) Promo Album Cover

Tony Brock with the Band "Strider"

"Misunderstood" Advertisement (2nd Album) - 1974

Strider's 2nd Album: Misunderstood
Released 1974

Gary Grainger (Guitar)
Ian Kewley (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Rob Elliott (Lead Vocals)
Lee Strzelczyk (Bass)
Tony Brock (Drums, Backing Vocals)



Misunderstood - back

Gary Grainger (Lead Guitar) --- Ian Kewley (Keyboards, Vocals)

Gary Grainger's 1969 Zemaitis Prototype

----------The Shows!!!----------

Marquee Reading Festival '73

"(I'm A) Road Runner" - Live! (mp3)

Marquee Reading Festival '73

Marquee Reading Festival '73

Marquee Reading Festival '73

Marquee Reading Festival '73

The Apollo With Rory Gallagher
Glasgow, 30 Nov 1973

Empire Theater with Rory Gallagher
Edinburgh, 1 December 1973

Buxton Festival
Derbyshire, 6 July 1974

Sheffield, England - City Oval Hall

Strider Discography
Album: Exposed - 1973
45: Higher And Higher/Ainít Got No Love - 1973
45: Esther's Place/Woman Blue - 1973
Album: Misunderstood - 1974
45: Seems So Easy/Arthur Hydrogen - 1974

A side: Arthur Hydrogen - 1974
Arthur Hydrogen (mp3)

B side: Seems So Easy - 1974

Seems So Easy (mp3)

Strider's Biggest Fan!!!
(Woody - Feb 2013)

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