The Blues

Biscuit Miller Tours - 2010-2103

Live - Red Dirt Brewhouse, Ardmore, OK 29 Nov 2013

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Biscuit & 'Southside' playing 'those blues'...

L to R: Bobby, Dr Love, Biscuit, and 'Southside'

L to R: Dr. Love, Biscuit, Southside

Biscuit Miller Live @ Red Dirt Brewhouse
Ardmore OK, 29 November 2013
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David Wood Introduces Biscuit and the band

"Southside" on the guitar

Biscuit takes us back through the 'classics'

Biscuit gets crowd on their feet

"Southside" plays guitar over girl

David Wood tells a "Biscuit story..."

Last song...'To the right, to the left...'

Encore: Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread

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David Wood & Biscuit Miller (Dave's wedding in 2010)

Woody's signed copy
Biscuit Miller (with Anthony Gomes)
2006 Blues Festival

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