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Foghat - Rock and Roll  Foghat 2008-9 Tour

The GRAND PRIZE Winner of the
House of Hair
"2007 Foghat Contest"

Thanks to my loving wife Karen, who entered the contest in 2007
ALL she had to do was explain,

"Why I'm the biggest / baddest Foghat fan in the world!"

Karen's entry that won me the grand prize!

What was at stake you might ask?

Oh, nothing much, just a little ole' Fender gee-tar signed by the band!

You ain't going to believe this shit!
Here's what showed up at the house on Friday, 27 September 2008

A signed copy of their new CD!


A signed "FOG" hat


OMG, sombody pinch me!
I think I've died and gone to Foghat Heaven!!!!

Life is good...

Foghat Website #1
Foghat Website #2

To ALL rock fans: If you want to rock --- I mean REALLY rock --- ROCK like it was in the '70s --- ROCK 'n ROLL that will NEVER EVER be the same --- go to the next FOGHAT Concert - It'll send shivers down your spine...

"Rock till ya drop and roll till your old...

Slow Ride - American Idol Version, 5 May 2009

Latest Foghat Release - Fall 2009
Recorded in the studio but sounds live...

These boys still know how to rock-it...

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