Jethro Tull
Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA
17 May, 1973

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This set list doesn't jive with the comments below. Or does it? Maybe this is the details to 'Passion Play'.

I believe I was at this concert, although I can't prove it. I did in fact go to a Jethro Tull Concert @ Hampton Roads in 1973. It must have been this one - doesn't it?

1 Passion Play (part 1) 22:01
2 Passion Play (part 2) 16:46
3 Phone Call 0:32

Though tripping, I remember the opening (the 'booming' ball that opened up into a ballerina), AND the telephone call to close out the concert - classic!!!

One Tull newsgroup claimed This album has also appeared as Its For You.

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