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Ocean View 2005


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11th Bay & Ocean View Boulevard
Let the party resume!

Remember the Soulful train whistle Late at Night?
We lived in a duplex at 9545 11th Bay in 1973, about 2 blocks from Ocean View Blvd and the Chesapeake Bay and its beach. In 2000 the lot was freshly graded dirt like our old duplex had recently been torn down. In 2005 this home sits on the lot. It doesn't look the same does it? I miss the old place. But I miss the old inhabitants, my friends, much more!

The last time I saw the duplex was in 1986. I was on my way back from Washington D.C. and drove by it after dark. There it was. The lights were on and there was a little bright orange Honda Civic sitting in front. I didn't hear any music. It just wasn't the same...
Need more proof? Remember the brick wall? If you had ever crawled out of the bathroom window you‘d remember the wall. Why crawl out of the bathroom window? To sneak around to the front door, don a cheap suit coat, and barge in the front door brandishing a dime-store detective’s badge, screaming “Your all busted!” Just ask Wayne Behrens how much fun that was!
FTG3 Greg "Birdman/Birdfarm" Berry's house is still standing. The times that we had there huh?
About 1 block farther from the beach that our duplex on 11th Bay, on the other side of the street, a bunch of the guys lived upstairs in this house. It wasn't party center like 9545 was, but it was a good place to take a break and hang out from the non-stop partying! What did we do here? What else? Party!
FTG3 Mike "MJ Foghat" Tomes and FTG3 Frank "Woody" Wood on the Ocean View beach just off 11th Bay and Ocean View Boulevard in 2005. We haven't changed a bit!
Remember the beach at 11th Bay and Ocean View Boulevard? The long walks? Sitting in the dark talking into the night, smoking? The Kung Fu fights? FM Pete Burton was the best at Kung Fu!
Money is moving into the old neighborhood. It just doesn't feel the same. But then, does anything feel the same? I miss the old place and the people that shared it with me.
After we moved out of our duplex on 11th Bay and back onto the ship, occasionally the girls from Ohio would come back and party for the weekend. Isn’t this the hotel we hung out in?
"Thrill Hill" Do you remember? Thrill Hill! At 8th or 9th Bay there was a hill with a dead-end on the other end. We would load up in Stan Stockham's Van and, well do I need to say more? From Thrill Hill we turned South and would drive back to 11th Bay, make the full circle onto Oceanview Blvd and do it over and over and over and over. A much cheaper version of "The Rocket" just north on Oceanview Blvd.

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