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    Ocean View 2000     

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...be careful what you wish for, first comes the rush, then comes the crash...
Be Careful What You Wish For

Jo Jo Gunne

Turn up your volume, I narrated most of these.

Our duplex was party central for the Mullinnix crew as well as close friends Shorty, Rita, Wayne, Diane et al. Only 3 of us paid rent. However, at one time we had 8 girls living with us. And we thought our shipmates liked us?! This clip shows an empty lot were our duplex use to stand. I can still hear the music..."Feellll Sooo Bad, feel like a ballgame on a rainy day...

Duplex empty lot

We lived on 11th Bay, about 2 blocks from Ocean View Blvd and Chesapeake Bay. This clip is of the street sign on the corner of 11th Bay & Ocean View Blvd.

11th Bay

What a 'Carnivale' we had!!!

This clip shows the entrance to the beach from 11th Bay. We use to simulate "Kung Fu" fighting here. Don't ask!

Entrance to Beach

This clip shows entering the beach area itself from 11th Bay.

Beach Entrance to the sand

Standing at the 11th Bay entrance, this clip is a view to the North.

Beach View to the North

Standing at the 11th Bay entrance, this clip is a view to the South.

Beach View to the South

Standing at the 11th Bay beach entrance/exit, this clip is a view of 11th Bay.

Beach View of 11th Bay

Standing at the 11th Bay beach entrance/exit, this clip is a view from the beach down 11th Bay.

Beach View of 11th Bay

My best friend Greg "Birdman" Berry lived a couple blocks away. The clip shows were his house used to be...NOT!

Turns out I was on the wrong street. Check out Ocean View 2005 for a video of Birdman's House

Birdman's House

Another group of friends lived at the end of 11th Bay. This clip shows the brown 2-story house they lived in.

Brown House at end of 11th Bay

Thrill Hill! At 8th or 9th Bay there was a small hill with a dead-end on the other end. We would load up in Stan Stockham's Van and, well do I need to say more? Watch the clip.

Thrill Hill 1

Continue the ride over Thrill Hill by watching the clip.

Thrill Hill 2

From Thrill Hill we turn South and drive back to 11th Bay, make the full circle onto Ocean View Blvd and do it over and over and over and over...Watch the clip.

Thrill Hill 3

Our duplex coming from the West end of 11th Bay. What memories!! Do you remember the beer can collection? 167 cases of emtpy beer cans stacked against the wall behind the sofa. Remember Fort Fart? Dr Woody's D--- Den? Remember the beer can moutain we left for the garbage man the day we moved out?

Our House

From our house, it was a short drive to Birdman's.

Trying to find Birdman's House

Note: That is me at the 'Roach Coach' prior to touring the carrier USS Eisenhower CVN-69 during the 2000 Reunion
From our house to was only 2 blocks to the beach - straight down 11th Bay. On any given night, there would be 25 shipmates gathered together in our home. Do you remember the quadraphonic stereo?

To the Beach!

One last drive down Ocean View Blvd from North to South. Watch the clip.

Last Drive down Ocean View Blvd

This Hotel was where a bunch of us said goodbye for the last time that summer before the Mullinnix headed to Cuba in late 1973 - my last cruise in the Navy.

To the Beach!

Continue the drive down Ocean View Blvd from North to South. Watch the clip. Remember the Wing Ding? Hungry Hellen? Jolly Rodgers? The Purple Onion?

Last Drive down Ocean View Blvd

Say goodbye to 11th Bay...

11th Bay - Thanks for the memories!

Last but not least - Cecle Doyle, Ken "Gus" Gustin, Stan Stockham, "Bags", Joe Morris, "Big Ray" et al lived on about 14th or 15th Bay.

End of the Bay Streets

I want to thank each and everyone of you - "My friends of the summer of 1973"! You were my youth - you were the best!! You've given me memories that to this day are as vivid as any I've ever had. I am what I am today because of you. I love you all! Thanks and God's speed!

I won't ever forget...

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