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             Dude, Let's Party             


Now Playing: Chuck Berry "My Ding-A-Ling"
(Lanchester Arts Festival, Locarno Ballroom, Coventry, England, 3 February 1972)

Do any of the following video clips remind you of you?

What a gal!

What a difference a 6-pack makes!

The morning after...



Ballet or Beer?

Bierbizch (Beer Bitch?)

Female Brewery (Tui Beer)

How the blonde thing got started

Man's favorite tool


Molson Beer

Parrots Like Beer To!


Who hasn't told some one, some place, some time,
"Hey, I'm going to run down to Joe's?"


Coming to your local liquor store --- soon...






...Feel sooooo bad...

Spinnaker Brew Pub - Victoria, BC - June 2005

Nautical Nellies - Victoria, BC - June 2005



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