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The Rocket - Ocean View, Virginia

             The Rocket 1973             

Turn your sound on!

The following video clips are from the 1977 movie "ROLLERCOASTER"

Theatrical Trailer

The Rocket & Ocean View Theme Park At Night

The Rocket's First Big Hill!

More of "The Rocket"

Even more of "The Rocket"

The Rocket's Crash (.mpg)

After The Rocket's Crash (.mpg)

The First 4 Minutes of the Movie

I think I saw Shorty standing up in the back car in one of these clips! No Shit!!

Who Could Forget?
All beered up! Hanging over the front car or better yet,
standing up in the back car waving with 1 arm, hanging on with the other!
Remember Shorty? Remember Foghat? Birdman? Bo? Gus? Stan? Cecle?
Remember the night we got kicked off and told not to return again?
...ah, to be young again...
Go to Ocean View to see more!!!

Ocean View Museum  

Movie Poster - Roller Coaster - 1977

Another Movie Poster - Roller Coaster - 1977

Roller Coaster - DVD Cover


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