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Strider - Exposed          Strider - Exposed
STRIDER - Exposed
Released February 1973

Ian Kewley (Vocals, Keyboard)
Gary Grainger (Guitar)
Lee Hunter (Bass)
Jimmy Hawkins (Drums)

Side 1 - Flying
Ain't Got No Love
Woman Blue
Higher and Higher

Side 2 - Ester's Place
Get Ready

Do You remember my turntable? My Reel-to-Reel?
They were something, huh? Just like you - my friends!

Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday          Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday          Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday          Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday
URIAH HEEP - The Magician's Birthday
Released September 1972

Gary Thain (Bass Guitar)
Lee Kerslake (Drums & Percussion)
Mick Box (Guitars)
Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitars, Moog Synthesizer)
David Byron (Vocals)
Brian Cole (Pedal Steel Guitar on "Tales")

Side 1 - Sunrise
Spider Woman
Blind Eye
Echoes In The Dark

Side 2 - Sweet Lorraine
The Magician's Birthday


SensationalAlexHarveyBand_TheImpossibleDream          SensationalAlexHarveyBand_TheImpossibleDream
Released 1974

…I knew we had to say goodbye, when I felt that warmth against my thigh…Ah, Ah, Hey…is that you pissing on my leg???

Alex Harvey: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Zal Cleminson: Guitars
Chris Glen: Bass Guitar
Hugh McKenna: Keyboards & Synthesiser
Ted McKenna: Drums

Side 1 - The Hot City Symphony Part 1 - Vambo
Part 2 - Man In The Jar
River of Love
Long Hair Music

Side 2 - Sergeant Fury
Weights Made of Lead
Money Honey
Impossible Dream
Tomahawk Kid


Elton John - Madman Across The Water          Elton John - Madman Across The Water          Elton John - Madman Across The Water          Elton John - Madman Across The Water
ELTON JOHN - Madman Across The Water
Released September 1971

Side 1 - Tiny Dancer
Razor Face
Madman Across The Water
Side 2 - Indian Sunset
Holiday Inn
Rotten Peaches
All The Nasties


Savoy Brown - A Step Further          Savoy Brown - A Step Further          Savoy Brown - A Step Further          Savoy Brown - A Step Further
SAVOY BROWN - A Step Further
Released August 1969

Can you spot the future members of FOGHAT in the cover art?

Chris Youlden: Vocals
Kim Simmonds: Guitars
Lonesome Dave: Guitars
Tone Stevens: Bass Guitar
Bob Hall: Piano
Roger Earl: Drums

Side 1 - Made Up My Mind
Waiting In The Bamboo Grove
LIfe's One Act Play
I'm Tired - Where Am I
Side 2 - Savoy Brown Boogie (Live)


The Who - Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy          The Who - Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy          The Who - Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy          The Who - Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy
THE WHO - Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy
Released 1971 (Recorded In England)

Peter Townshend
Roger Daltry
et al

Side 1 - I Can't Explain
The Kids Are Alright
Happy Jack
I Can See For Miles
Pictures Of Lily
My Generation
The Seeker
Side 2 - Any Way, Any How, Any Where
Pinball Wizard
A Legal Matter
Boris The Spider
The Magic Bus
I'm A Boy


Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu          Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu          Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu          Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu
CHEECH & CHONG - Big Bambu'
Released 1972

Cheech Marin
Thomas Chong

Side 1 - Sister Mary Elephant
Ralph and Herbie
Streets of NY or LA or San Francisco or...
Rebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip
The Continuing Adventure of Pedro DePacas And Man
The Bust

Side 2 - Television Medley: Tortured Old Man; Empire Hancock; Let's Make a Dope Deal; Unamerican Bandstand


Climax Blues Band - Sense Of Direction          Climax Blues Band - Sense Of Direction
CLIMAX BLUES BAND - Sense of Direction
Released 1974

Colin Cooper: Vocals, Guitar, Saxes, Clarinet
Peter Haycock: Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Derek Holt: Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Vocals
John Cuffley: Drums, Percussion

Side 1 - Amerita / Sense of Direction
Losin' the Humbles
Shopping Bag People
Side 2 - Reaching Out
Before You Reach The Grave
Miwaukee Truckin' Blues (Chipper's Song)

Pink Floyd - Meddle          Pink Floyd - Meddle          Pink Floyd - Meddle          Pink Floyd - Meddle
Released 1971

Roger Waters
Nick Mason
David Gilmour
Rick Wright

Side 1 - One Of These Days
A Pillow Of Winds
San Tropez

Side 2 - Echoes

Moody Blues - On The Threshold Of A Dream                              
THE MOODLY BLUES - On The Threshold Of A Dream
Released 1969

Mike Pinder
Justin Hayward
Ray Thomas
Graeme Edge
John Lodge
Tony Clarke (Producer)

Side 1 - In The Beginning
Lovely To See You
Dear Diary
Send Me No Wine
To Share Our Love
So Deep Within You

Side 2 - Never Comes The Day
Lazy DayAre You Sitting Comfortably / The Dream / Have You Heard - Part 1
The Voyage / Have You Heard - Part II

Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour                    

THE MOODLY BLUES - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Released 1971

Mike Pinder
Justin Hayward
Ray Thomas
Graeme Edge
John Lodge

Side 1 - Procession
The Story In Your Eyes
Our Guessing Game
Emily's Song
After You Came

Side 2 - One More Time To Live
Nice To Be Here
You Can Never Go Home
My Song

Rare Earth - In Concert (1971)          
RARE EARTH - In Concert (Live)
Released 1971

Pete Rivera (Drums, lead vocal percussion)
Gil Bridges (Woodwinds, vocal, percussion, flute)
John Persh (Bass, vocal)
Ray Monette (Guitars, vocal)
Mark Olson (Keyboards, vocal)
Ed Guzman (Congo, percussion)

Side 1 - I Just Want To Celebrate
Hey, Big Brother
Born To Wonder

Side 2 - Get Ready

Side 3 - What'd I Say

Side 4 - (I Know) I'm Losing You
Nice to Be With You

Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake ( 24 May 1968)                              

The Story of "Happiness Sam"

When Stan looks up in the sky and sees only half the moon, he sets out on a quest to search for the missing half. Along the way he saves a fly from starvation, and in gratitude the insect tells him of someone who can answer his question and also tell him the philosophy of life itself. With his magic power Stan intones, "If all the flies were one fly, what a great enormous fly-follolloper that would bold," and the fly grows to gigantic proportions. Seated on the giant fly's back Stan takes a psychedelic journey to the cave of Mad John the hermit, who explains that the moon's disappearance is only temporary, and demonstrates by pointing out that Stan has spent so long on his quest that the moon is now full again. He then sings Stan a cheerful song about the meaning of life.

SMALL FACES - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Released 24 May 1968

Steve Marriott
Ronnie Lane
Kenney Jones
Ian McLagan

Side 1 - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Long Agos and Worlds Apart
Song Of A Baker
Lazy Sunday

Side 2 - The Story of "Happiness Stan"


HAIR - Broadway Soundtrack
Released 1968

Side 1
Side 2


"No Nuts w/ the Do-Nuts"                                                                                           
Life on Mars Radio                                                                                           
Welcome to 1973 Radio                                                                                           

Zeplin's Whole Lotta Love - American Idol Style (5 May 2009)

J Geils' Freeze Frame - Idol Ford Commercial (April 2009)

Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild - Am Idol Style (Apr 2009)

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